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Contains a set of results from CoreSocial.GetFriends(). Depending on how many friends a player has, results may be separated into multiple pages. The .hasMoreResults property may be checked to determine whether more friends are available. Those results may be retrieved using the :GetMoreResults() function.


Property Name Return Type Description Tags
hasMoreResults boolean Returns true if there are more friends available to be requested. Read-Only


Function Name Return Type Description Tags
GetResults() Array<CoreFriendCollectionEntry> Returns the list of friends contained in this set of results. This may return an empty table for players who have no friends. None
GetMoreResults() CoreFriendCollection Requests the next set of results for this list of friends and returns a new collection containing those results. Returns nil if the hasMoreResults property is false. This function may yield until a result is available, and may raise an error if an error occurs retrieving the information. None

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Last update: May 26, 2021